J & J Sports Service - custom rods

Custom Built Fishing Rod Pricing

The prices on custom built fishing rods are dependant on your design requests. Special options, detailed wraps, special guides as well as premium blanks all have an effect on the final price.

Custom Built Fishing Rod styles include:
Spinning Rods, Baitcasting Rods, Trolling Rods, Fly Rods, Off Shore Fishing Rods, In Shore Fishing Rods, Surf Rods, In Shore Spinning and Trolling Rods, Off Shore Spinning and Trolling, Off Shore Fly Rods, and Jetty Sticks.

General Price Scale

We now accept online Payments!
Spinning & baitcasting $260.00 - $300.00+
Fly rods $300.00 - $500.00+
In shore spinning & trolling $260.00 - $350.00+
Off shore spinning & trolling $350.00 - $600.00+
Off shore fly rods $400.00+
Surf rods / Jetty Sticks (by request only)

Our prices reflect the quality of our products. The components we use are only the best the market has to offer. Couple that with a high degree of craftsmanship & you have a quality product that you can be proud of for a lifetime.


Fishing Rod Repair Services:

General Maintenance of Fishing Rods, Repair Services, Rod Rebuild Services

J&J also offers a wide variety of repair, rebuild, and general maintenance service on rods.

All of which are done on site with the same attention to quality & detail as given any other job we handle.


Custom Spinning Rods, Customized Baitcasting Rods, Custom Trolling Rods, Custom Off Shore Fishing Rods,
In Shore Customized Rods, On Shore Fishing Rods, Custom Fly Rods, Surf Rods, and more ...